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It could happen to anyone…

When his marriage ended and Albert lost his place to live, his life “fell apart.” 

He was wary about coming to the Mission, and it hasn’t all been “smooth sailing,” but Albert says, “it’s a real blessing.” 

“The Mission welcomed me with open arms and I went into the discipleship program, which turned my life with the Lord around.”

97 days of summer...and 97 days of meals to provide for hungry and homeless people.

This month, provide 2x the help!

Generous friends are challenging you to join with others in our community to match their gift of $30,000.

That’s 2x the help for North Central Montana’s hungry & homeless people! Open your heart – and double your impact now.

Construction continues at the Great Falls Rescue Mission Cameron Family Center. The Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) is being installed as well as the metal overhangs. Internally insulation is going in and sheet rock put up on the 2nd and 3rd floors while the walls are being textured on the 1st floor. We are more than thrilled to watch the progress daily. We thank the Lord for keeping all the workers safe and sound. Our anticipated date to complete construction is in October 2016. Construction is progressing at the site of the Great Falls Rescue Mission Cameron Family Center located at 408 2nd Avenue South. For more information please check out our website:

We were blessed to have over 1,000 volunteers, financial partners and supporters join us for our banquet this year. 

Guest speaker, Carlos Whittaker was an amazing speaker who shared with us about being a Moment Maker. In order to be a moment maker, one must create moments, have received moments and finally rescued moments. Please visit Carlos' site








After 13 years of using meth (a very addictive drug), Lynne was saved in 2000 – but then “life” interfered. “I got a good job managing a mini storage. It came with a house. I was making good money and running everything myself,” Lynne says.

Her kids grew up and left home, and “the devil got a hold.” “As long as the kids were with me, I didn’t do drugs,” she says. However, with them gone, she got “sucked back” into using drugs again.

Lynne quit going to church. She was successful, so she “walked her own walk.” Then God started “taking things away.” Her mother died in September and she lost a grandson to SIDS in October. The following March, her drug use cost her her job and with it, her house.

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