Monday, December 22 at 12:15pm or 6:00pm

at the Exhibition Hall at ExpoPark.

We will be splitting the Family Christmas Party on Monday, December 22 into two separate parties this year. Please indicatewhich party you would prefer to attend. This DOES NOT guarantee that you will be able to come to the party that you request. We will be filling spots on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis, so the sooner you get your registration in, the better.

The Great Falls Rescue Mission will have an Ornament of Hope Tree in the reception area of the Administrative Offices. 

We are hoping to get each child "adopted" by individuals, organizations, businesses or churches who would like to shop for a specific child/children.

It would be a blessing if you would like to partner with the Mission and help provide gifts to hundreds of at-risk children in the area. We will still be accepting gifts to be used for late registrants or children who do not get sponsored. 

Please call us at 761-2653 or email to if you would like more information on how to sponsor a child/children.

The Great Falls Rescue Mission hosted its Family Thanksgiving Dinner at the Exhibition Hall on November 25. Over 850 people attended the event so many of the guests  could make a traditional turkey meal at home on Thanksgiving Day. The food boxes supplied all the fixins to serve over 800 people.  

The evening was filled with special music from the Johnson Brothers. Many of the children came forward to watch a puppet devotional presented by the Stones. Over 40 children made the decision to ask Christ in to their lives. Volunteers prayed with children and age appropriate bibles were given to the children to take home with them.

Over 100 hungry people enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving Meal on Thanksgiving Day at the Mission.  The kitchen staff spent many hours preparing for this special day. Many of our faithful volunteers came and helped serve at the Women and Family Dining Room and the Men's Dining Room.  Matt and Joe who are on the Christian Discipleship program shared a devotion to the group. 

A special thank you to all of the donors and volunteers who helped the Mission financially, donated food and their time this year.